LeadLUU 2021

The successful candidates of this election will become the six new Student Executive Officers for LUU, and the new Gryphon Editor. You can vote for all seven roles in one go, or come back later to vote for any roles you're unsure about now.

The polls have closed.

Activities & Opportunities Officer

Your Activities Officer is here to ensure that clubs and societies are well supported, relevant to students and help them to feel happy, healthy and develop as people.

  • Image for George Sykes

    George Sykes Manifesto

    Get Gorgeous, Get George

  • Image for Felicity Whelan

    Felicity Whelan Manifesto

    The Ginger Spice to Spice up your LUU

  • Image for Jess Fielder

    Jess Fielder Manifesto

    Think FAST Vote Fielder

  • Image for Leah Hand

    Leah Hand Manifesto


  • Image for Kat Padmore

    Kat Padmore Manifesto

    You'll Get More With Padmore

  • Image for Jared Samuel

    Jared Samuel Manifesto

  • Image for Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.)

    Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.) About

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Education Officer

Your Education Officer is here to represent students to the University, and them to run the University in partnership with staff, shaping how the institution works and that it meets their expectations and needs.

  • Image for Meg Hodgkinson

    Meg Hodgkinson Manifesto

    Vote Meg Hodgkinson #1

  • Image for Michail Marinakis

    Michail Marinakis Manifesto

    Vote Michail #1 For Education

  • Image for Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.)

    Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.) About

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Equality & Liberation Officer

Your Equality and Liberation Officer is here to ensure that the University takes reasonable steps to adapt their services to suit every student. They will work with the University and LUU to remove systematic and structural barriers impacting liberation groups.

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International & Postgraduate Officer

Your International and Postgraduate Officer is here to ensure the University and Union recognise and support the needs of members who are not categorised as ‘home’ or ‘undergraduate’ students, and encourage a diverse University community with opportunities for representation, sharing culture and views.

  • Image for Anna Granenko

    Anna Granenko Manifesto

    Your Voice Matters in Every Language

  • Image for Olivia Fan

    Olivia Fan Manifesto

    Olivia, here for you

  • Image for Elena Mekushina

    Elena Mekushina Manifesto

    Vote #1 Elena for International & Postgrad

  • Image for Azza Eltraify

    Azza Eltraify Manifesto

    Thinking About Every Student From A to Z

  • Image for Nicole Jimenez

    Nicole Jimenez Manifesto

    Nicole is here to get you through

  • Image for Roxana Caia

    Roxana Caia Manifesto

    Aim higher, vote Caia!

  • Image for Debashish Dutta

    Debashish Dutta Manifesto

    Together let's shape the future we want

  • Image for Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.)

    Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.) About

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Union Affairs & Communications Officer

Your Union Affairs and Communications Officer chairs the Board of Trustees, helps to govern the University, holds staff to account, and oversees Union finances. They lead communications from the Union and ensure that LUU and the University are accountable to members.

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Wellbeing Officer

Your Wellbeing Officer is here to ensure the Union and University help students identify and deal with their problems so that they enjoy their time at University. They support and lead wellbeing campaigns to ensure students are as happy and healthy as possible.

  • Image for Lotti Morton

    Lotti Morton Manifesto

    There's a Lotti More Work To Be Done

  • Image for Jess Parker

    Jess Parker Manifesto

    Don't Settle For Less, Vote Jess #1

  • Image for Beth Eaton

    Beth Eaton Manifesto

    Eaton All Your Troubles Away

  • Image for Obri Gonzalez

    Obri Gonzalez Manifesto

    Vote #1 Obri for Wellbeing Officer

  • Image for Hollie Humphreys

    Hollie Humphreys Manifesto

    Ain’t no folly in a vote for Hollie!

  • Image for Harriet Purbrick

    Harriet Purbrick Manifesto

    Vote Harriet for Wellbeing

  • Image for Britt Coffey

    Britt Coffey Manifesto

    Vote Britt, the perfect fit!

  • Image for Livi Roberts

    Livi Roberts Manifesto

    Prevention instead of Plasters

  • Image for Ella Cares

    Ella Cares Manifesto

    Let Ella care... for your welfare

  • Image for Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.)

    Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.) About

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Gryphon Editor

Society. Voice. Journalism. The Gryphon Editor will help to keep students informed of events in the University, Union, and Leeds.

  • Image for Calum Pinches

    Calum Pinches Manifesto

    Vote for a Student Voice. Vote Pinches.

  • Image for Neive McCarthy

    Neive McCarthy Manifesto

    Believe in Neive

  • Image for Iona Tompkins

    Iona Tompkins Manifesto

  • Image for Alexander Gibbon

    Alexander Gibbon Manifesto

    Gibbon For Gryphon

  • Image for Rory Yeates

    Rory Yeates Manifesto

    Vote for Rory to tell your Story

  • Image for Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.)

    Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.) About

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