Candidate for the position of President

Image for Omolorisunayowa Abayomi

Omolorisunayowa Abayomi

What makes you suitable for the position?

  • Firstly, I believe I am a good leader. I have been put in several leadership positions all my life, and have excelled in all of them. For example, working with the previous committee as the Catering and Welfare Officer amongst others. 
  • Secondly, I thrive in ensuring things are done in a timely order, while maintaining a high standard. I work well under pressure and I am able to multitask. I aim to involve our members, inspire Nigerians and impact the world, and my tenure would be based on those values.
  • Thirdly, I am known to be very enthusiastic in carrying out my duties. This is paramount in liaising, negotiating and building a relationship with those we govern. 
  • I am creative. I am a passionate and self-taught photographer, and this creativity influences my thought processes and is represented by my photography blog (@orangebyorisun), where I explore photography as an art.
  • Lastly, I am team oriented. I love working with people and achieving collective success 

What changes or improvement will you make ?

  • As a culturally oriented individual, I will ensure every event we host showcases authentically and aesthetically, the core values of our various cultures. 
  • Subsidising ticket prices and making them a lot more student friendly.
  • Providing adequate and delicious food, drinks and confectioneries at every event we host.
  • Inclusivity of every year group, especially first years and postgraduates, who often feel left out 
  • Individual feedback and building a relationship is a priority of mine. 
  • I also aim to get sponsors on board to aid in running better events.
  • More fun filled and more entertaining events like food tastings and gele challenges.  
  • The current Covid-19 situation will also not limit us. I will work on diversifying NSS offline presence and improving on its online authority, pending the end of the pandemic.

What new event would you like to make if you are elected?

  1. Fààjí 

The English translation of ‘Faaji’ is enjoyment. This will be a social event where we come together to eat drink, have fun and do several culturally engaging activities. 

      2. Throwback Thursday (TBT) 

- This event appreciates old-school indigenous Nigerian music. We would also appreciate the gigantic Nollywood movie industry, and have events to that regard 

    3. Made in Nigeria (learning different trades)
This event is centred around learning different creative trades like makeup and painting. Other more educational aspects aim to teach us how to navigate the Nigerian market in terms of starting a business and building a clientele, because most of us will return home after our degrees.All classes are open to all genders.

4. Inside life with NSS  
This event is a social gathering where we discussing pivotal issues and assess the general wellbeing of our members. Mental health is a priority of mine and I will work on raising awareness about issues surrounding physical and mental health. I would set up a student friendly committee that will communicate with our members and encourage them regularly.