Candidate for the position of Catering and Hospitality

Image for Jolaade Onitiju

Jolaade Onitiju




Skills you have that make you a good fit for the position

· I have qualities that enable me to cater to the public according to their preferences. I would always keep their preferences in mind when it comes to making decisions pertaining to them.

· I am also skilled in planning of events and maximizing finances without presenting things of low quality.

· I care about the welfare of others and because of this, I find ways to make sure everyone is included in decision making processes.

· I have good experience with food and cooking; I have a food blog on Instagram (@jolacooks). This gives me an advantage when it comes to detecting food of poor/low quality.


- What you would like to change or improve if you are elected:

· I would include a new variety of dishes during events. This would include vegetable-based meals and fruit platters to ensure the meals served have good nutritive value.

· I would also include meals for people with other meal preferences (e.g. vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options).

· I would organize events in a way that it would foster a family-like relationship among members of the society. 


- What new event you would like to organise if you are elected:

· ‘My Jollof better pass’- this would be an event where we can possibly invite people from other African societies to have a jollof cooking competition.

· Outdoor picnics (during the summer) and indoor picnics. 

· Ethnic potluck- this event would include members of the society to contribute a variety of homemade dishes, preferably from their place of origin, to share and have a chat. 

· Talk it out- this event will be a medium to monitor the welfare of our members. It would involve having a gathering where people come to talk about how they are feeling over snacks and drinks.