Candidate for the position of Vice President

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Esther Agbara

I have been an active member of NSS since my first year at uni, going into my final year I thought it was high time I channelled my passion for Nigeria by running for vice president where I share this every other Nigerian in the society.

What skills do you have that makes you suitable for the position?

· I am a passionate person. I feel passionately about this role and what I can contribute if I am elected therefore everything I do will be from the depth of my heart; done with so much vim

· I work hard. I am a hard worker; I believe in doing everything well no matter how small or big it may be.

· I have strong communication skills. Naturally, I am a very understanding person, easy going and easy to talk to, this skill is essential as a vice president to communicate with potential partners and other people in the society.

· I am said to be quite a social person and I am ready to use my social skills to promote the NSS and provide the exposure that we need to thrive.

· I am confident. I am ready to rep NSS well, with my chest

What would you change or make improvement on if you are elected?

· I would like to improvement the number of British Nigerians that are involved in the society

· Build a stronger social network with the people that can help us bring quality to our events

· I would make sure there’s food involved in more of our events

What new event would you like to make if you are elected?

· Football matches with other societies

· Party for Independence Day (or any other time), like a reallllll Nigerian party

I tried to keep this short, I have lots more I want to do for the NSS, that can only be done if you vote for Esther Agbara.