Candidate for the position of Sports Executive

Uwem Ekwere

Good day, 

I am running for the post of sports executive. This is a position I am excited to apply for as I have an undying passion and love for sports, I believe my passion would give me the drive to perform to the best of my capacity and excel in this post. I have excellent organizational skills which would be essential when planning activities and I also have a wide range of knowledge in different sports, this will ensure the events held are not monotonous. I would like to improve the number of sporting events undertaken during an academic year and make them as frequent as possible, I would also like to establish a Nigerian society team in at least one sport before the academic year runs out. A sporting competition amongst all the African societies within Leeds could be organized and if successful can become an annual event and also matches against Nigerian societies in other universities. If elected i will aim to acheive most of the objectives set out and hopefully at the end of my tenure a good foundation would have been laid out for future commitees.