Candidate for the position of Activities & Opportunities Officer

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George Sykes

Get Gorgeous, Get George


In 2019 the Leeds University Business School disposed of a whole cupboard of IPads, they were bought to support students but once used (for one year) they were thrown away. I would ensure working or fixable equipment can be repurposed and reused by union societies.


My name is George (He/Him) and I’m running for Activities and Opportunities Officer. I am in my third year of a robotics course and can honestly say that societies have made my university experience. I have been on the committee for the ShockSoc (Electronic and Electrical Engineering Society) and the LGBT+ Society, this year I also set up the Abuse Awareness Society. I firmly believe that societies can be the best part of our university experience, but in order to do so, they must receive adequate resources, training and recognition.


One in five societies do not have enough members to continue as LUU Societies next year. They do not have enough members to reach union quorum requirements for an AGM, meaning without action they will be disbanded. To help solve this I would publish a COVID-19 Recovery Plan, this would clearly lay out how the union and university expect the lockdown to end, and would be updated in line with government guidance. This would include reducing the quorum on society elections.


Finally, I would formalise handover procedures to ensure continuity between committees. This would include committees producing and updating handover documents once a year, this would ensure that no incoming committee has information older than one year.


I have many other policy ideas, some are quick fixes to simple problems and others will take more time. But I firmly believe all can improve the experience of students. They are all visible here on my website: