Candidate for the position of Activities & Opportunities Officer

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Jared Samuel

Jared-why me?

  • Committee Experience: I have been the Social Secretary and Club Captain for Boat Club; therefore, I have a range of experience in the social and organisation side of societies and can work exceptionally well in a team.
  • First-hand LUU experience: Working as Hall Executive and Club Captain has given me first-hand experience of how LUU works for students and how LUU can be developed and what I can do to make it even better.
  • Representing Students: As an enthusiastic committee member, I know how to listen, develop, and achieve your ideas.


Accessible Societies for all!

  • Create an International and postgraduate representative for societies, allowing all students to feel represented across all societies. 
  • Modernise the LUU website. Make the website more user friendly by creating a simpler monthly calendar so societies can easily promote events and students can clearly see all the events going on across all societies each month.
  • Remove Participation Barriers. Engage and work with the disabilities reps as well as the Equality and Liberation Officer to ensure every society can support disadvantaged students. 


Recovery post Covid-19

  • Make hardship funds available for all societies. Keep these funds in place until societies are recovering based on 2019/20 membership.
  • Tailored funding. If lockdown continues, funding will be based on how well societies can function with restrictions, rather than universal cut across all societies. 
  • Review Gryphon Funding criteria. Aim to allow gryphon funding to be used on purchasing equipment.


Every Society is Important!

  • Welfare Officer in every society. I will make the Welfare Officer a compulsory committee role and work with the Wellbeing officer to ensure that these Officers are equipped with the training and resources they need to help signpost and support their members. 
  • Weekly Committee drop-ins. Using the expertise of the activities team as well as my knowledge to allow committees to ask any questions they may have in a friendly and non-judgemental atmosphere.
  • Highlight All Societies: Partner with LSTV to showcase opportunities for all students across all types of societies, from A Capella, to Paintballing, to Vertical Fitness. 

Developing LUU

  • Funding Transparency: Clear explanations available for committees to see how funding and space is allocated.
  • Putting Societies in control: Allow societies to choose between termly or annual memberships.
  • Listen to the Student Voice: Work dynamically with student reps to make sure current student needs are the heart of my role.