Candidate for the position of Activities & Opportunities Officer

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Jess Fielder

Think FAST Vote Fielder

Think FAST Vote Fielder

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For too long the union has failed us. Clubs feel disrespected and patronised. I want to make positive change within the union to improve communication and fix the relationship between the union and the clubs.



I will make getting YOUR funding fairer and easier.

More transparency around allocations, a simpler funding process, more guidance on how and where to apply for funding and sponsorships.



I will make it easier for YOU to advertise through a better website, in halls and in newsletters.

The website is currently hard to follow and freshers don’t understand it. I want to simplify it and make it fit for purpose.

We don’t know if we will be back to a traditional fresher’s fair by September, so we need to plan for alternative ways of advertising to get freshers interested in clubs and socs. I plan to run smaller events in halls and to utilise the hall exec to help spread the word.

I also plan to have a newsletter for each category that people can subscribe to in order to get direct info about what each category are doing so one for Martial arts, one for Faith, one for Dance etc



I will make more space available for YOUR club for storage and to train and meet.

I will find us alternative local space to train in so we can stop having training times past 9pm

I will reorganise the storage space we have so that we can make the most of what is available as currently there is a lot of wasted space.

I will make sure the space allocations are fair and communicated well.



I will make myself available to YOU with weekly evening office hours for advice, a vent or just a chat.

I want you to feel like you can come to me with issues, safe in the knowledge that I will escalate them to the right people. I can’t help if I don’t know about problems and so I want to make it easier for you to come to me. Being on committee can be the most stressful thing and I want you to feel like you can use this time to vent, for advice or even just for a little catch up!


Why me?

I have been involved in the union since I came to Leeds in 2015. I have been on multiple committees and have always been disappointed by the Union and The Edge. I believe I am the right person to come in and incite change. Think FAST Vote Fielder.