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Michail Marinakis

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I am Michail Marinakis, I am studying Business Management with Marketing. I am running to become your next Education Officer. By participating in various teams, being an active student within my community, organising a range of activities and working on education-related projects at a National Level during my internship at the biggest Educational NGO in Greece. I have the experience and motivation to become a successful officer and work hard for #everyone.

My strategy and agenda are synced with the difficult challenges COVID-19 has brought to education and on students. I will also be working towards the future of our education and collaborating with the university for a long-term strategy. My strategy is developed with the findings of a research I conducted within the Academic Societies of LUU, so I address students’ needs and key concerns.

My strategic pillars are based on realistic problems students are facing, and those are:  


  • Work with the University to establish clear and direct communication regarding the impact that COVID-19 will have on the following year.
  • Prioritise students’ mental health:
    • Additional Personal Tutorials, Wellbeing drop-in sessions & activities.
    • Wider Services Available through the LUU Help and Support.
    • Additional personal support tools.
  • Work with schools to reconsider the grading and assessment practises for the following year as a response to COVID-19 impact on students’ academic performance.



  • Work with the University for a more flexible approach in learning. Students should have control over how they will continue their studies in times like these.
  • More private partnerships for careers and internships. Equal graduate opportunities across schools.
  • Additional drop-in study spaces around Campus.
  • Create one stop-one shop solution centres for Student Services Issues.



  • All textbooks and learning materials to be available online for free.
  • Work with the University to make the marking process more transparent and on a stricter feedback and marks turnover policy for schools.
  • Upgrade the Minerva experience and Invest in more student centric platforms.
  • Offer additional academic skill workshops.

As an officer, I will work alongside students, School Reps and Academic Societies so we can all respond to students requests, concerns, and needs #together. I will also work closely with the university to create a better educational journey for everyone at Leeds!

Vote for Me, vote for a better learning experience at #Leeds.