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Meg Hodgkinson

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Vote Meg Hodgkinson #1 for Education Officer

  • To create student-led change in teaching and learning.

  • To eliminate the barriers preventing you from getting the academic experience you’re paying for.


1. Education Worth the Fees

Problem: COVID-19 has forced students to pay £9,250 for online teaching that, for many, has not been worth the fees and has not covered all learning costs.

  • Make education affordable for all by abolishing resit fees and reimbursing students for essential resources that are missing from the library and are not available for free.

  • Introduce a blended learning approach for flexibility following COVID-19 and to give students more control over the time, place, and pace of their learning.


2. Decolonise and Diversify the Curriculum

Problem: reading lists and resources largely consist of white, male, and upper class scholars.

  • Introduce more BAME, LGBT+, other minority and female perspectives to core reading lists.

  • Reconsider who is teaching, what is being taught, and how it’s being taught.


3. Close the BAME Awarding Gap

Problem: an awarding gap “between students of different ethnicities exists at the vast majority of universities”, including the Uni of Leeds.

  • Continue the work of current student exec in improving students’ sense of belonging at Leeds to increase academic engagement and progression to postgraduate study.

  • Combat imposter syndrome through a more representative university leadership team.


4. The Arts are Viable

Problem: the entire creative/music industry was told it was ‘unviable’ by Rishi Sunak, but this shouldn’t deter students from pursuing career pathways in this sector.

  • Increase support for students who want to enter the arts and music world after graduation by providing conferences and workshops with industry professionals and uni alumni.


About Me

I am a final year Philosophy, Ethics and Religion student. Watching students struggle to carry on with uni work amid the pandemic, and struggling with this myself, has driven me to run for this role so I can work towards a more affordable, more representative, and more flexible approach to education that recognises what worked and what didn’t work in the online learning approach during COVID-19.