Candidate for the position of Equality & Liberation Officer

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Shivani Salveru

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You know my name, you saw my picture above, now am going to tell you what can I do for you. I'm not gonna create problems and give solutions for the sake of manifesto. I want to solve the problems which already exists but uncovered. We are Precious aren't we? We all deserve nothing but the Best. I believe that PEOPLE WITH QUALITY NEVER FEAR EQUALITY.


We already pay so much to the university, especially International students, they pay double fee for same Education, is it fair??? Don't you think we all deserve a Free membership for Clubs and Societies at least? And why only uni dorm students get Edge membership why can't it be Free for every student? Why don't the post graduate students have no placement year? And why there is no free transport to the disabled students to the campus? Equality is just not about gender, colour or background. Equality in university is about getting everything we (students) deserve.


Yes I do support, strongly support and respect all skin colours, women, men and LGBTQ community equally. There are many activities and societies running for that . But for the issues mentioned above as no proper solution yet. So, if I get elected as your next Equality and Liberation Officer I promise to fix these issues.