Candidate for the position of Equality & Liberation Officer

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Artemis Gavalaki

About me

My name is Artemis. I am doing my bachelor in Business Management and I am running to be your next Equality & Liberation Officer. My goal is to create a diverse, accessible and supportive LUU that offers equal opportunities and an inclusive environment to all students. I want to create a community where students will be given a safe zone and will not be afraid to be themselves and talk about their experiences.

My target

“Draw the line”

My main and most important goal is to show that racism is not and will never be acceptable or tolerated. Students should be encouraged to report such incidents and not to be afraid. Thus, I want to enforce a zero tolerance policy towards racism and discrimination in order to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

The number of commuter students feeling stressed and anxious about the distance between their houses and the university is constantly increasing. This issue is making them feel isolated since they are forced to spend a great amount of their time travelling. Consequently, my aim is to expand the shuttle service by making it available to more distant locations and for more hours during the day.


Open doors for everyone

I am aiming to work closely with Joblink in order to provide a wide range of job opportunities specifically for disabled individuals and minorities.

I want to form an advisory board with diverse backgrounds in order to apply a strategy that will support all accessibility needs. More specifically, activities, societies and clubs should be inclusive and accessible for anyone that wants to participate.


Always here for you

All students should feel supported, understood and included. For this purpose, I would like to designate helplines operated by specially trained staff where students will be able to report any incident and be given support and advice

Finally, due to the fact that it is easier to talk and open up to someone that is sharing similar experiences to yours, I want to establish group meetings where students will be given a safe zone to discuss with each other.