Candidate for the position of Equality & Liberation Officer

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Tash Fowler-Ekar

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Do you feel that the University, the Union and opportunities are accessible to you? No...Let Tash Help.

Lobby the university to make Leeds Financial Support bursaries available during Years Abroad and Placement Years

In a world where doing a year abroad or a placement year is necessary for future employment, the university should support us.


Train customer-facing Leeds University Union Staff Members in relevant and basic British Sign Language 

With 11 million deaf people in the UK, we need to make our union accessible for all our students


Study Skills session for Neurodiverse students (no diagnosis required)

NHS waiting lists are between 1-3 years long, but people still require support. The attainment gap between neurodiverse students and neurotypical students must be addressed.


Do you feel supported as a minority? No...Let Tash Help.

Permanent space on campus for the LGBT+ community

1 in 5 LGBT+ students are discriminated against by other students, we as a union, need to provide a place to support the community. 

Establish an anonymous reporting system to easily report discrimination 

We need to make reporting discrimination easy and anonymous so people can report discrimination without fear of judgement


Do you know what is going on in the Uni and the union? No...Let Tash Help.

Have the union website in the 3 most spoken languages on campus

Even though people in university can speak English to an academic level, it is difficult to access help and support if it’s your second language

Make online lectures available when we resume in-person teaching 

Even before COVID-19 people still needed access to university lectures online. This year shows that this is possible, let's keep lectures as accessible as possible 

I’m a 4th year Chinese and International Development student with a fire inside to build a community and improve our university experience. My time at university has been hard, so I want to make an impact so that it won’t be this hard for anybody else. The Uni & the union has good intentions but don’t deliver on their promises. There isn’t enough action.  Tash wants to change that. Vote for Tash. Find us on Facebook @VoteForTash to find this candidate statement in other languages.