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Neive McCarthy

Believe in Neive


For a paper that represents and supports you, Believe in Neive for Gryphon Editor.

Hi! I’m Neive, I’m a final year English student and I want to be your Gryphon Editor! I’m currently Social Media Associate for The Gryphon, and I’ve previously been Online Music & Clubs editor. I love The Gryphon and I want to make sure that it is as much of an exciting, creative space for the next cohort of students as it has been for me. How do I plan to do that? Here’s how:


1.Ensuring the paper is accessible and inclusive

  • As Social Media Associate this year, I have found that lots of students feel daunted about getting started due to lack of experience. Not everyone has had access to a platform before coming to university. Not everyone does an essay-based subject either. I will introduce workshops from the very beginning of the year for every section to cover the basics and remove the obstacle of lack of experience.
  • There isn’t enough diversity or representation in the media industry – I will continue to reach out to different societies and engage with them to encourage writers from all backgrounds to join. I want to ensure our editorial team is diverse and the right people are writing the articles we need and have their voices heard.
  • I want members to know that any issues or concerns they have will be heard by our team and acted upon – I want to ensure that we are continually pushing and asking ourselves how we can do a better job at accessibility and representation.


2.Supporting you to get the most out of The Gryphon

  • I want to work with LSR and LSTV to offer multi-media training – there is a joint membership for a reason!
  • I also want to maximise the opportunities at hand more – we have a lot of equipment available to us! In the same way there will be workshops for writers, I will encourage more people to make use of the programmes and cameras we have available for visual elements of The Gryphon.
  • I will introduce a new role on our Associate Team as a go-to person for feedback and wellbeing – members will have a designated person to work with for change and ensure the paper reflects student concerns and wants. They will also have someone they are comfortable speaking to if they need more support – it is a student newspaper at the end of the day, and this year has shown more than ever that we need support!


3.Reflecting student life in Leeds

  • I want to work with societies and the Activities officer to increase coverage and highlight student-led events and activities – there is so much going on, and we need to document it!
  • I want to work with local businesses on events and ads – COVID has hit small businesses hard, and we have a platform to promote the things we love. This will also get our name out there more!
  • I want to ensure that we continue to voice the concerns of students at Leeds on issues that impact student life – holding the university and union to account and ensuring we remain a reliable source for information on these issues.
  • Leeds is a multi-cultural, diverse city – our paper should reflect that. Whether you are concerned about rent strikes, want to spotlight your society’s event or just express your love for Hyde Park Book Club’s coffee, The Gryphon will be a where space you can do that.


If you believe in these policies, believe in Neive!

Facebook: Believe In Neive

Instagram: @neiveforgryphon