Candidate for the position of Gryphon Editor

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Alexander Gibbon

Gibbon For Gryphon




The Gryphon needs to re-design and reach out.

As Gryphon Editor, I will:

  • Completely overhaul the current website to make it more modern, more user-friendly, and in line with other online journalism outlets.
  • Hold the university to account on student issues: the pandemic’s effect on quality of teaching, your tuition and accommodation payments and student mental health. I will confront these issues head on with those who hold the power in Leeds.



The Gryphon needs to amplify the voices of our diverse student body through real structural change.

As Gryphon Editor, I will:

  • Extend the POC mentorship scheme to include positions in photography, web design, video production and illustration.
  • Regularly hand the platform of the Editor’s Letter over to voices from marginalised communities.
  • Use The Gryphon as a tool to highlight and then change issues around race, class, sexuality, gender, and disabilities in Leeds.
  • Oversee a sustained outreach programme to include more writers of Colour, writers from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, and writers from a diverse range of sexual identifications and genders.



The Gryphon isn’t just for writers. We really want to bring web designers, artists, and photographers on board with us.

As Gryphon Editor, I will:

  • Include more student-produced art within our pages by establishing an in-house team of illustrators.
  • Host workshops with professionals from the creative industries, not just from the media.
  • Create video content in collaboration with LSTV to produce more coverage of local student news.


Why trust me with your vote?

Experience: I have been a Gryphon writer for 4 years, I spent time as a section editor and now lead In The Middle Magazine, The Gryphon’s cultural supplement. I know the paper inside and out and becoming Editor-In-Chief is my next step of progression.

Diversity: As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I understand first-hand the impact of spotlighting minority voices and how to approach marginalised communities in a way that isn’t tokenistic.

Community: I have really tried to make the most of my time at Leeds through shows on Leeds Student Radio, a committee position at YogaSoc, and increasing my global awareness through studying Arabic and Spanish.