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Calum Pinches – Gryphon Editor Candidate Statement


The Gryphon is fundamentally an outlet for students at the University of Leeds. It should be telling your stories, bringing light to issues which affect your lives and celebrating all of your many successes. A student newspaper which does this is a student newspaper that we all can be proud of. My goal is simple, to make the Gryphon a celebration of our student population and to hold the University to account. The Gryphon is your vehicle, your opportunity to set the agenda, it’s your voice.


Your vote matters, why vote for me?


Vote for a Student Voice: The global pandemic has changed life as we know it, as a result, many of us feel disconnected from the University experience. The Gryphon must cover the events and issues which students in Leeds face including rent strikes, tuition fees, accommodation disputes, accessibility, mental health and University policy. If elected editor, enabling students to voice their concerns and raise issues which impact their lives will be my primary duty. A new Student Voice Forum will be established, a platform which will give every student at the University an opportunity to speak to the Gryphon team about issues which they feel need to be publicised, these stories will then be covered either by our own team or by any student who wants to write about experiences that affect them. I want the Gryphon to be your go to news source and a true representation of what it means to be a student at the University of Leeds. A ‘Leeds Stories’ section will be created which will give the opportunity for students to attend gigs, pubs, museums, exhibitions, restaurants, sporting events and nights out and report on them for the paper. I will campaign to provide press passes for as many students as possible, so that you can explore our city and share your findings with other people. I will work with societies from across the University to promote their interests, raise their profile and represent their concerns, this will be done by increased integration with Leeds Student Radio and Leeds Student TV to create a multimedia approach to reporting, meaning that your published article will then be broadcasted via a podcast or documentary. Ultimately, promoting student issues is what the newspaper must do, I want the Gryphon to be your voice.


Vote for Student Engagement: Getting people engaged with the paper, through media events, high-profile interviews, training schemes and investigative journalism is a great way to provide opportunities and inspire students to work with our brilliant newspaper. I will work to provide talks and media events for students from our University’s vast and alumni and connections, which will enable you to hear about issues, stories and current affairs that you are genuinely interested in. Political engagement, through inviting local Leeds ministers, campaigners and activists will give you licence to ask questions to the people who inspire you, and challenge those who you believe need to be challenged. I will establish new Gryphon training teams, which will give writers, artists, photographers, editors, designers and all who work for the paper the chance to improve their skills by working with experienced contributors. Career prospect talks and mentorship schemes will be promoted so that those who want to take their Gryphon work further are given a platform, advice and connections to continue their work after their graduate. I will fight to give every single student who works for the Gryphon the ability and confidence to build upon their experiences with the paper, empowering you to be successful in whatever you are passionate about.


Vote for Increased Diversity: Giving the opportunity for all students, regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexuality and social background to contribute to our student newspaper is a crucial part of what will make the Gryphon a paper which students can be proud of. I will work with minority media outlets to ensure that their stories and experiences are told. Voting for me will secure representation for all opinions, experiences and outlooks at our University. The great work of our POC mentorship schemes will be continued, and we will establish new writer sessions targeted to amplify BAME, LGBTQ+ and disabled voices. I will strive to create an environment where all students from our University feel heard, supported and represented.


I am a second year Politics, Philosophy and Economics student and the Gryphon’s current Online Sports editor. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experiences with the Gryphon and want to enable as many students as possible to do the same.


Vote for a Student Voice. Vote Pinches for Editor.


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