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Rory Yeates

Vote for Rory to tell your Story


Vote for Rory to tell your Story.

Hi! My name is Rory and I want to be your next Gryphon Editor. I believe that The Gryphon provides one of the loudest voices in Leeds for students who want to be heard, and I want that belief to be extended to as many people as possible.


I want REPRESENTATION for ALL students, no matter their background, so that they feel The Gryphon truly speaks for them. 

  • Improve communication with our cultural societies and student exec to establish long-lasting links, so the paper can consistently publish views such as those from BAME, LQBTQ+ and working-class backgrounds. 

  • Stand up for students when they feel the university isn’t doing enough, making sure to scrutinise them on every questionable decision they make, and making sure articles are published on the issues that matter most to you.


I want EXPANSION of the paper, to create a more professional-looking outlet that students and industry figures alike want to be a part of. 

  • Redesign our website to give it a sharper and more professional look to make sure The Gryphon is taken seriously

  • Create a ‘Leeds Student Media’ web portal, to integrate The Gryphon, LSR and LSTV in one accessible place and encourage collaboration projects. 

  • Further outreach to industry professionals and Leeds alumni to give talks at the university, as well as pursuing big-name interviews and investigative stories to further The Gryphon’s stature.


I want ENRICHMENT for all our writers, so they can utilise The Gryphon as a platform into a career in journalism. 

  • Regular writers’ workshops in each section, as well as guest-run workshops for other important skills such as graphic design, interviewing and investigative research. 

  • Build on the working relationship between writers and editors, improving transparency in the editing process and making sure writers are confident in their style and content. 


Having learnt so much from The Gryphon as both a writer and Arts & Culture editor during my time at Leeds, I want everyone to be able to take advantage of all that the paper has to offer. I believe my passion for journalism and managerial experience, which The Gryphon has helped so much with, make me the best candidate to take the paper forward onto even bigger and better things.