Candidate for the position of International & Postgraduate Officer

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Elena Mekushina

Vote #1 Elena for International & Postgrad

I am Elena, a third year International Relations student from Bulgaria. I moved to the UK three years ago to pursue my desire to study in a diverse community. Since day1, I felt like an introvert at an extrovert- friendly university environment. However, I met many friends along the way that shaped my journey in Leeds and made me feel at home. After this challenging year, I realised that we may be socially distanced, but we are united by cause – to make Leeds home for everyone!

I am running for International and Postgraduate Officer and this is why you should vote for me:

  1. Fair Housing – House hunting has always felt like a nightmare, especially finding a housemate, UK guarantor, and a transparent agency. You may not have even been in Leeds this year but still paying a fortune for uni hall or private accommodation? I will lobby the university and private sector to change the UK Guarantor policy and to secure rent rebates (partial refund isn’t enough!) and clearer transferring/ leaving terms.
  2. Welfare during a global pandemic – Over £2m were invested in student hardship funds but have they been enough? I recognise that internationals and PGRs are dealing with unforeseen financial pressures while working on overwhelming deadlines, stuck at home without access to campus facilities. I will fight for additional international and PGRs – focused funding, safe access to study space, mental health support, and safe socialising for ALL.
  3. £20,250 per year for online teaching is insane – let’s speak up and fight!
  4. Career Opportunities – Future after graduation isn’t looking that bright due to the current situation? – I feel you! I will work towards developing an Employability Development Fund to support your future experience, remote campus internships/ jobs, and PGRs and international networking events and career days. Also, International Advisory Board will be further developed to include Postgraduate researchers so that all voices will be represented.

Tired of responding to emails? I will be hosting weekly Coffee Drop – ins where you can directly discuss your concerns with me.

As a Buddy Support Assistant at DES team, you might have seen me during online sessions. After supporting over 100 sessions this year, I have a good understanding of students’ needs across various departments and know how to effectively approach their concerns.

You have seen me on campus as Student Ambassador, Junior Assistant at Joblink, Unipol Assistant, Captain of women’s 1st volleyball team (always running to catch the bus at Parkinson Steps for away matches) and Secretary of the Bulgarian Society.

Vote #1 Elena for International and Postgraduate Officer!