Candidate for the position of International & Postgraduate Officer

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Azza Eltraify

Thinking About Every Student From A to Z

“Thinking about every student from A to Z”                                                                                                                          


I am Azza, a PhD student in Electronic and Electrical Engineering, working on optimising power efficiency to reduce CO2 emissions from power networks. I've lived in 4 different continents: Africa, Asia, North America and Europe, which gave me the opportunity to get to know people from various backgrounds and cultures. I am running to be your next International & Postgraduate officer. As an international student, I know how hard it is for students who have travelled from overseas, or even from interstate, to get used to life in a new city as well as the challenges that go along with that. I can effectively make your voice be heard in the following:


  • Inclusive experience: 
    • Bridging the gap between international and home students for a more cultural immersive experience, by encouraging lecturers and professors to create more diverse working groups and fight against segregation in course work groups. As well as holding events within campus to bring both demographics together to share their experiences and culture.
    • Stronger and more clear communication about the support and resources offered by LUU regarding all concerns and issues students might encounter in their daily lives.
    • Provide more support for all mature students and their dependants by creating programs to include their families in campus life.


  • Equal opportunities:
    • Provide more jobs and internships within campus to fit everyone’s skills, to help lift the burden of their financial concerns, as well as creating an opportunity to develop their skills and gain more experience.
    • Create an advisory board to provide more support and guidance on how to obtain visa sponsorship after graduation. Hold career fairs every term, and exclusively invite companies that provide visa sponsorship for international students.


COVID-19 has greatly affected our economy in general, but students have been wronged by universities and landlords during these difficult times. An action has to be taken to:

  • Reduce rent and provide more support within halls of residence. Work with the accommodation office and other student accommodation management teams to create an action plan and evaluate each student circumstances.
  • Increased Tuition fees support through more funds and grants directed towards international students and researchers.


If elected as your next International and Postgraduate Officer, I will ensure that every student from culturally and linguistically diverse background to feel welcome and engage better with the university, union and community. Vote for me, vote for an international Leeds. #together


“Whatever your problem is, I've got a solution”