Candidate for the position of International & Postgraduate Officer

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Debashish Dutta

Together let's shape the future we want

DEBASHISH for International and Post-graduate Officer


About Me:

Hi, my name is Debashish Dutta and I am a post grad student of the Leeds University Business School


My Assets:

10+ years of experience in corporate culture and born and brought up in a land know for its cultural diversity... India.


My vision for us…


From Seekers to Creators: Pooling of ideas, talents and resources to initiate start-ups so that we are never out of jobs


Unity in Diversity: Organizing inter-cultural events and networking to unite the international Leeds community as one big happy family.


Helping Hands: Forging necessary associations so that each and every student will be just a call away from any financial psychological, medical or any other form of help.


Together let’s shape the future we want.