Candidate for the position of International & Postgraduate Officer

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Anna Granenko

Your Voice Matters in Every Language


Hi! My name is Anna and I am running for International & Postgraduate Officer at LUU!

I am a second year International Relations student from Russia who lives in France. My main goal is to represent International and Postgraduate students and make sure your voices and opinions are heard!


I will be working towards:


1. Reducing student fees

A lot of effort has been put towards reducing international student fees, and we have seen some great results. So far, student fees for international students on a placement year have been reduced to match those of UK and EU students.

Since the hard work has paid off so far, we must continue to work with the university and the government to reduce student fees and allow international & postgraduate students to receive more financial support for paying their fees.


2. More inclusivity

International students leave their home countries, their families and friends for a completely new culture, a new language and new people. It is important to accept that their experiences are very different from native students, and we must work towards ensuring that the University takes these experiences into account and can offer more support and activities for those who may be struggling with the changes.

Working with the other officers, we must promote inclusivity for international and postgraduate students who often feel like they do not belong and do not have a voice in their schools, faculties and societies.

We must help to raise their voices up and make sure their needs are met and their ideas are heard by the University, through more events and opportunities to get involved.


3. More academic support

Just like inclusivity, academic support must be emphasised for international and postgraduate students, who face many hardships that are often forgotten or ignored.

International students are unlikely to have experience with the UK education system, therefore they may need additional academic support to adapt to different ways of learning in a new cultural environment.

Postgraduate students may be facing concerns about their job prospects, research support and funding and we must ensure that the University is aware of these issues and will effectively respond to them. They may often feel forgotten about in a University full of undergraduates, while expected to perform just as well with less support and a high-pressure workload.

As well as better representing their voices, we must ensure that the University is aware of the lapses in support for international and postgraduate students, especially in present difficult circumstances.


Your voice is heard. Your experience and your opinions are important. Let’s make sure that everyone is able to make the best out of their experience at the University of Leeds!


Instagram: @leadluuanna