Candidate for the position of Union Affairs & Communications Officer

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Aysha Burton

In Union There Is Strength


I'm Aysha, a fourth-year biochemistry student graduating from Leeds this year. I’ve lived in both halls and student housing in Hyde Park, and for the last two years I’ve been a residence life assistant at Charles Morris.


As the school rep for Molecular and Cellular Biology, I've gained a unique insight into academic administration over the last two years. Being able to voice student concerns and being the representation for all issues and achievements in my school has been a highlight of my university career.


Being the founding president of Pan African Society, as well as giving me the opportunity to work closely with the union for years, I was able to carve a space for politically motivated Black voices in our union. As a residence life assistant, I've seen first-hand the impact Covid has had on the first-year experience and hope that as your Union Affairs and Communications Officer, I can improve university life in a post-covid Leeds.


1.    Reclaim your University: I pledge to bring the union back to its original aims by fighting first and foremost for the students. This includes campaigning for fee refunds and compensation for all students, including those graduating this year.


2.    Reclaim your Finances: I pledge to give students complete transparency of where your money is spent and how you benefit from your fees by creating a financial forum where the expenditure breakdown is shared with students openly. International students are paying far more than home students and deserve to see the returns of that money. Your money should be directed into sustaining the quality of education that you’ve been promised.


3.    Reclaim your Union: I pledge to fight for an inclusive union that actively vocalise student concerns and are the student voice before anything else. The union should protect your interests at all costs and act as a hub where everyone feels they belong, and I pledge to take a strong stance on student concerns that currently divide us. There is a lack of community at the University of Leeds and only together can we achieve our shared goals.


This university and its community have been my family for four years now, and I know as your Union Affairs and Communications Officer, we can restore it to the pre-covid Leeds we all knew and loved.