Candidate for the position of Union Affairs & Communications Officer

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Izzy Walter

Izzy's Still Busy


Izzy’s Still Busy - Vote Izzy #1 for Union Affairs and Communications


Who am I?

  • English Lit and Theatre graduate and current Union Affairs Officer

  • Former forum facilitator and keen member of VegSoc and Performance Societies

Why me? 

  • I’m a skilled communicator, ask challenging questions and effectively articulate student experiences 

  • Being kind and thoughtful are at the heart of everything I do and I approach listening to your experiences with sensitivity and empathy

  • I form strong relationships and have a solid reputation with students and staff


My priorities and values:

Reconnect and rebuild - bringing you together

  • Give you exciting opportunities for your social life, interests and activities - after you’ve missed out, next year it’s got to be better than ever!


Students cannot continue to be customers 

  • Lobby government to scrap tuition fees 

  • Make it visible how the Uni spends your money and why

  • I have created opportunities for students to directly challenge the Vice Chancellor 


All round sustainability 

  • Prioritise tackling climate change and addressing inequality 

  • Lead accessible communication of sustainability, with free and easy ways to get involved 

  • I have re-introduced the LUU Sustainability Advisory Board to bring students closer to this work


Supportive space for all 

  • Help you feel supported in all aspects of Uni life - your wellbeing is always a priority 

  • I have partnered with the Student Exec to get money and food parcels to students in hardship 

  • Push to protect your grades and address your academic issues


Get to know me on Facebook and Instagram @izzyunionaffairs. 


Vote for Izzy Walter, 1st-4th March