Candidate for the position of Union Affairs & Communications Officer

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Jonathan Tam

Vote Jon. Hair Gone.

VOTE JON for Union Affairs & Communications


Vote Jon. Hair Gone.


2nd year PPE student involved in most things around uni.



I'm going to ensure all students are heard- no matter their background- whether it be through better representation in societies or increasing engagement around the union and course reps; ensuring the BAME and LGBTQIA+ communities are actively heard and wellbeing has been put at the forefront.



I will shout at private landlords and the university to make sure they provide better quality housing at a reasonable price, with accomodation rebates and hardship funding which is fair and equal to all students, irrespective of background.



I'll collaborate with Leeds City Council and all private providers to provide more affordable, sustainable and reliable transport links for all Leeds students- so you can get onto campus on time without breaking the bank!



No-one should feel unsafe walking at any time of day through campus and student housing areas. I will work on improving safety on campus through increased investment in security and night services.



I'll increase accessibility towards union expenditures and actively involve the student community to decide where university funding should go through public forums- after all it's our money we've paid the uni!


A 2021 freshers like none other before - collabs with Leeds unis to take over Leeds!


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Facebook, Instagram, Wechat:     jon4luu