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Chris Mee

Count on Mee for Union Affairs & Communications.


Your Money

- I will campaign for rent & tuition fee reimbursements.

This year has been unlike any other and therefore this should be reflected in the fees we pay. LUU should join LSESU’s Students United Against Fees campaign and take a leading role to put your voice to government. You can #CountOnMee to represent you in this national campaign.


- I will create an infographic which shows how your money is spent.

We deserve to know where how our money is spent by the University and LUU. This should not be buried away in end of year reports which are inaccessible. You can #CountOnMee to ensure that both organisations create a simple infographic showing how and where your money is spent.


- I will implement a loyalty scheme allowing for rewards across outlets, buy a meal in Old Bar, get half price Scream ice-cream.

Whether you buy a Common Ground coffee or a burger and pint in Old Bar, by spending your money in LUU you help pay for the services the Union provides. I believe that LUU should reward you for doing so. You can #CountOnMee to implement a loyalty scheme before freshers 2021. This loyalty scheme will reward you with free food and drink for helping fund LUU.



Your Achievements

- I will ensure LUU holds events to celebrate the achievements of those who graduated in 2020 & 2021.

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that key events in the Union calendar have not been able to take place. Students from the class of 2020, and probably 2021, have not been able to celebrate their achievements like those that graduated before them. I don’t think that is right. You can #CountOnMee to ensure LUU holds Leeds Ball style events for those who have graduated during the pandemic.


- I will push the University to hold graduation ceremonies for all who missed out.

Graduations round of a student’s university time in style. They provide moments for family members to come together to celebrate that great achievement. The pandemic has meant that this important moment has not been able to take place. I believe that this should only be temporary. You can #CountOnMee to push the University to hold graduation ceremonies for all students who have graduated during the pandemic.



Your Union

- LUU’s current University funding represents 0.8% of tuition fee income, I will increase this to 2%.

The University’s income from tuition fees for 2019/20 was over £430m. Yet, the funding given to the Union represented less than 1% of this figure. I believe that the core provider of student experience to students at the University of Leeds deserves more. Through more funding the Union will be better able to support its members. You can #CountOnMee to push the University to increase the Unions funding to 2% of tuition fees.


- I will publish outlet menus in multiple languages and ensure videos are released with multi-language transcripts.

LUU needs to make sure that language is not a barrier to engagement. One area to which this can be addressed is through our communications. By having multi-language publications, there will be one less obstacle for people to. You can #CountOnMee to publish outlet menus in multiple languages and release all our video content with different language transcripts.


- I will introduce an area in LUU dedicated to society event advertising.

Clubs and societies put on excellent student-led events both within and outside of the Union building. However, it is difficult to easily find out when and where these events are taking place. Currently in LUU there is a lot of advertising space for national brands but not for our own clubs and societies. You can #CountOnMee to change this and implement dedicated prominent advertising space in LUU for student-led events.


- I will spend time with all our staff teams to get direct feedback on how we can improve their experience.

Through being a member of LUU for the past 4 years, I know the amount of dedication and commitment LUU staff put into their role. They ensure students have the best possible experience. They are doing their best to try and help students love their time at Leeds. We need to make sure they are too. You can #CountOnMee to spend time with all the staff teams in LUU, from cleaners to bar assistants, to get direct feedback on how the organisation can improve their employment experience.


- I will make sure LUU conducts a comprehensive COVID-19 response review to make sure we learn the lessons from the pandemic. I will push the University to do the same.

COVID-19 has caused a huge change in operations both for LUU and the University. The pandemic was a surprise for everyone and meant that often solutions to issues were rushed through quickly to ensure service provision was maintained. When the time comes, both organisations need to look back and reflect on the pandemic. The response needs to be examined and assessed so that lessons can be learned. This will ensure plans are suitable and robust to the challenges presented. You can #CountOnMee to make sure both the University and LUU conducts comprehensive reviews into their responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.



Our Future

- I will push the University to agree to an LUU building upgrade with your voice and sustainability at the centre of plans.

When the LUU building is fully operational, it is a hive of activity. There is not one corner of the building that is not being utilised. With yearly student numbers near 40000 and society membership increasing year on year, the cracks in the building are starting to show. There is simply not enough space to allow our student community to grow and thrive, the building is the limiting factor. Not only is the building not big enough, it also is not environmentally friendly. Single glazed windows and non-led lights mean energy consumption is significantly higher than needed. You can #CountOnMee to push the University to agree a LUU building upgrade which has sustainability and student voice at the heart of plans.



About Mee

Having been at Leeds since 2016, I am now a postgraduate student studying Security, Conflict and Justice. As president of Backstage Society, I oversaw the Society win Best Performance and Music Society 2019. I have worked at LUU for 4 years, progressing to Senior Technician. This involves working on student-led events throughout the year as well as Fruity and Leeds Ball.


Visit @VoteMeeLUU on Facebook & Instagram. #CountOnMee

Vote at between March 1st-4th.