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I’m Obri Gonzalez, a fourth year Psychology student who is running to become your next Wellbeing Officer! My time at Leeds has been wonderful, being a member of the rowing society, the Secretary for LUU Salsa Society; and doing the dance show since I started Uni. This year I am part of Mind Matters as the Welfare Officer.


I know COVID-19 hasn’t been the easiest, therefore the areas I want to focus have been thought out to assist in the transition to post-COVID student life:


Signposting All Mental Health ServicesAn issue that I want to fix straight away is the signposting of mental health services within LUU and the university.  

  • PROBLEM - Mental Health Services at university are available BUT are hidden under many tabs. This needs to change!
  • SOLUTION - All services visible through a framework - "The Student Mental Health Experience". Be equipped to help yourself and your friends.
  • VISION - Transparency of services all the way to a GP referral increasing communication and funding.


Societies Mental Health is my Priority!As societies embraced the drastic changes with COVID, a lot of FRESHERS missed out on the opportunity to make new friends.

  • PROBLEM - Transitioning to a post-COVID student lifestyle will require support from societies. Male mental health awareness also needs to increase, alongside support to sport, dance & performing arts societies.
  • SOLUTION - Increase support for these societies by giving them a safe space to express their wellbeing concerns.
  • VISION - Visibility of all societies by showing the wellbeing benefits of joining a society will give students the most fulfilling university lifestyle!


Inclusive Student CommunityEvery student at Leeds deserves the opportunity to feel included! This is not the case as it stands.

  • PROBLEM - Currently some students don't feel included at LUU. Also, more work needs to be done to tackle sexual violence at university!
  • SOLUTION - Enhance the support for victim-survivors. I want to introduce a mandatory "Compulsory Consent" e-learning course. Having personal tutors trained as Mental Health First Aiders will facilitate students approaching support.
  • VISION - Create a team of Culturally Competent Counsellors: BAME-, Trans-, and Mandarin speaking. Increase support of BAME community accessing mental health services.

Join my campaign as I launch a video series named “Open Conversation” to speak about my manifesto ideas and wellbeing matters, as I invite different students’ perspectives. Follow me on any platform to find out more!


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