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Harriet Purbrick

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"£41m on student support and yet I still feel unsupported." 
Vote Harriet for Wellbeing 
Mental Health 
  • Redirect mental health budget to targeted, honest mental health support, and acknowledge that whilst wellbeing sessions benefit some students, they are not a substitute for mental health intervention.
  • Increase counselling capacity. Three sessions are not enough! Two week waiting lists leave people dangerously unsupported.
  • More early intervention support! Work with each school/department to create a buddy system and peer listening group within each course.
  • Prioritise LUU funding for mental health societies, including Nightline, Mind Matters and Mantality.
  • Increase funding and visibility of disability services to remove delays in setting up the right support.
  • Work with housing union Acorn to empower students against landlords (holding fees, deposits), especially for Freshers and International students
  • Educate students on their rent strike rights and increase financial support
  • Too many of us don't feel safe in Hyde Park. Work with MPs and Councillors (big up Alex) to ensure Hyde Park is safe, and increase lighting in Woodhouse Moor
Drug Use 
  • As President of Students for Sensible Drug Policy, I have lobbied the university to adopt a harm reduction approach to student drug use; I pledge to hold the uni to account.
  • Ensure LUU gets the free drug testing kits in the Union that we voted for.
  • Work with Forward Leeds to create a uni-wide drugs education campaign, coinciding with the reopening of clubs #safesh
Pronouns: she/her