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Hollie Humphreys

Ain’t no folly in a vote for Hollie!


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Ain’t no folly in a vote for Hollie!


Inclusive Mental Health Provision

  • Targeted LGBTQIA+ mental health and wellbeing campaigns focused on awareness and engagement with LGBTQIA+ issues.
  • Focused culturally competent mental health provision that is representative both in staff and resources to ensure all students have access to the same support.


Prioritising Safety with Preventative Action

  • Promotion and continuation of the work started on the Headingley Stadium alleyway to wider Leeds to eradicate 'sexual assault hot spots'.
  • Preventative initiatives focused on sensible drug use and quality housing.


More Funding, More Resources

  • Ensuring UoL and LUU wellbeing services stay up to date with the needs of students as a result of COVID-19 through research, reform and preventative action - making sure policy and practice are consistent.


Awareness for Every Student

  • Production of a Leeds-based wellbeing master list clearly signposting students to where they can seek support to be put into every module space on Minerva and in every module handbook.


Get to know me:

Hi! My name is Hollie and I'm running to be your next Wellbeing Officer! You may have seen me on campus pouring pints in Old Bar, representing student voice as the current Welfare Representative on the Activities Exec or with various welfare societies where I have volunteered and been on committees during my time at Leeds! I'm currently studying for a master’s in Religion, Politics and Society, having done my undergrad at Leeds as well in Ancient History and Religious Studies.

Have questions? Not convinced? To see why these policies are needed and how I plan to implement them, check out my socials or email me at to see my full campaign! Instagram: @hollie4wellbeing Facebook: Hollie 4 Wellbeing.