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Prevention instead of Plasters


Prevention Instead of Plasters

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Feel safe at night

Too many students worry about their safety, especially in the Hyde Park area. I will introduce an app system where students are empowered to choose someone to ‘buddy up’ with if they’re worried about walking home alone. It would work in a Tinder-like system where they can choose someone of their preference and make an arrangement with them, on their own terms. This app could also include safety features such as optional GPS and direct emergency buttons, to increase the utility for all students.  


Support for current freshers

Let’s not let this year group miss out on the true uni experience. Whilst I agree and fight for things like fee reduction, I want to look ahead to a post Covid time too. I will push for and help facilitate a specific ‘fresher’s experience’ targeted towards next year’s second years. That may be a specific refresher’s week, tours around Leeds, access to sports, mixer events etc. I will also anticipate that there may be additional issues with housing, friendships, and uni work which I will allow extra support for and make sure all teaching staff are sympathetic to the situation.


Reinvent counselling at LUU

Say goodbye to mental health support waiting lists and lengthy forms. I will source training for students to become qualified volunteers. There will be a system in the style of the language exchange where students can choose someone who appeals to them (of their own race/gender for example), and they will be able to set up repeat appointments for as long as they need. Emphasis will be taken away from crisis and situational mental health, and act more like an early intervention. This will also benefit students who want experience working in mental health or ‘patient facing’ roles.


About Me

During my time at Leeds, I’ve had a mixed bag of mental health and undiagnosed ADHD issues. Due to my role as a member of the Student Advisory Board (AHC), as a representative of the Faculty of Inclusion and Equality, and as the founder of the up-and-coming Neurodivergent Society, I have finally been able to start fighting for people like me. But I want to do more, and to empower all of our voices so that this cycle gets put to an end for good.