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Eaton All Your Troubles Away


Eaton all your troubles away

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Eliminate Exam Burnout

  • Are you tired of jumping straight back into teaching after an exhausting exam and deadline period?
  • I want to implement a University of Leeds festival week post-exams: a fun, relaxing week filled with a range of talks, exercises, workshops, craft activities and tours. This week works successfully at universities like Birmingham so why don’t we have one here?


Fight Imposter Syndrome

  • I want to create Accessible Multilevel Mental Health Support for anyone and everyone.
  • Too many people wait to access help until they feel ‘sick enough’ this should not be the case.  It took me 4 years to finally access the right services... I don’t want this to be the case for you!
  • I want to make the drop-in service more accessible by increasing awareness and expanding its hours to include evenings and weekends.
  • This service doesn’t require students to label themselves or their feelings. If something is affecting you then you deserve help, you don’t have to wait for the problem to get ‘big enough’. Everyone is welcome.
  • I don’t want anyone to feel like they’re holding back from accessing help because they don’t feel worthy of it. If you’ve ever felt like this then I’m here to change that!


Let's Feel Good Again

  • Bring back the fun sociable University we all know and love!
  • Let's update and revamp what the union has to offer, bringing the union into 2021! Let's make up for the lost time. I want LUU to put on creative events, outdoor celebrations and festivals.
  • The union is a beautiful hub of community, but many do not use it because they don't see themselves in the events hosted. Let's change this! Creating new exciting events that are led by students and use the talents of the students. This will also give people vital work experience opportunities.
  • I want to make the Union work for you. How? I’ll be setting up an interactive LUU events page on Facebook to make it easy for you to know what’s going on and when.
  • Bringing the exciting events the Union has to offer straight to you!


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For emergency help call Samaritans 116 123