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Make a Stand, Vote Leah Hand


Hello, my name is Leah, and I am running to be your activities and opportunities officer in 2021!


I sent communicated with different societies to see exactly what it is you want to see change and improve next year. I am keen to listen to the needs of societies and their members so that we can make being at Leeds the best time possible for our student community!


I plan on making a difference for the students of Leeds and I plan on doing this in different ways…


1. I will sort out money issues by:

  • Making more grants available that are easier to apply for and ensure that these are fairly given out amongst societies, no society will be prioritised, and all will be given an equal chance to receive grant money!
  • Organising more fundraising events that are not only fun but help societies get more money for socials, equipment, trips, etc! These will be in person or online if they need to be, but we will get them done!
  • Ensuring that there is a membership grant available which means that students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds do not have to miss out on joining societies due to membership fees!


2. Improve marketing from LUU and for societies by:

  • Making sure all information about societies and their events are on one easy, accessible page! This will help member engagement if everything is in one place and will make it easier to find out events are on and when!
  • Making it easier for societies to book spaces for socials, events and rehearsals. There needs to be an easier booking system which tells you which spaces are and aren’t available! This will be especially important when we return to campus / in person events begin to ensure the safety of everyone.
  • Introduce buddying systems so that new and smaller societies can learn and benefit from bigger ones and increase member engagement!
  • Ensuring there is equal publicity amongst societies, particularly female-fronted sports teams. We all know that male-fronted sports teams have more publicity, and we need to change this.


3. Improve member experience by:

  • Implementing committee training about keeping members safe during socials! Sexual assault cases are high in Leeds and we need to ensure that we are trying to stop this happening during society socials. This can even happen during online events through unwanted messaging. We need to try and combat all forms of sexual harassment!
  • Making societies more accessible for students, societies should reflect the student population and work to engage students from different ethnic communities, economic backgrounds and students whose first language is not English!
  • Uber policy! If a society member is too drunk on a social or unable to get home, committee members should pay for their uber home and reclaim this back on LUU!
  • If societies must continue online, offer media training to all societies so they can learn better ways to host events and engage members. This is so important, especially for freshers, LET'S COMBAT ZOOM FATIGUE!
  • Organising a safe come-back for performance societies to return to the stage!


I also want to organise more opportunities for members of the union to learn new skills, such as skills in cooking and learning BSL and opportunities to meet others outside of societies!


About me:

I am a final year Theatre and Performance student, and I have spent a lot of time with different societies during my time at Leeds. I have sat on committee as social secretary and I am currently the president of Open Theatre Society, so I know how societies work and what needs to be improved! I am passionate, approachable and I am also fun and easy going. I can offer a listening ear and will seek to bring action to what you as an LU student want to see change in the way the union runs. I am from the North West of England and I love to perform, spend time with my friends, go to gigs and events, listen to music and I am also very passionate about keeping fit, staying healthy and laughing a lot. In lockdown you can find me attempting a homework out, making stupid tik-toks, watching Rupaul’s Drag Race and burning the baking I try to make!


Remember, a vote for me is a vote for passion, a listening ear and helping hand #Handyforactivities


Find me on my socials at:

Facebook: Leah Hand / @Handyforactivities

Instagram: @Handyforactivities

Tiktok: @Handyforactivities