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I am a third-year law student and the first Welfare Officer for the Leeds University Women’s Rugby League Team. This position has provided me with an insight to inequality faced by female sports teams. As the wellbeing officer, I would like to highlight the importance of wellbeing being not just mental health, but also physical health, education and pretty much everything in your daily life! I also want to demand that university life is safer for students; for many university is a time for a considerable amounts of ‘firsts’. For most, university will be the first time moving away, first time going to a night-club, the first-time taking drugs (which I am not encouraging, but acknowledging as a fact), so the university should do everything in its power to promote safety on issues such as understanding consent. Below I have listed three key areas of my focus, and the changes I will implement if I am elected.


Supporting vitcims/survivors of sexual assault: The university is failing us, and if elected, I ensure you, changes will be made. With more people coming forward about their unfortunate experiences, there is no better time for change. With personal, first-hand experience of what the university and the union have to offer, it is apparent to me that more could be done to promote student safety. The initial plans I have to do this include:

-Implementation of a compulsory e-learning consent module for all students.

-A funded, safe peer support group for those who have been victim of sexual assault to ensure nobody feels alone.


Female empowerment in sport: It's no secret to us that men’s sports teams are given more attention. If elected, I guarantee that I will focus on equality across sports societies. To do this I will:

-Ensure women’s sports are properly highlighted, publicised, and resourced.

-In a post-Covid world, there will be equal availability for both men’s and women's sports to training venues and training slots.

Wellbeing includes physical health, why should women have less access to resources? I will work alongside the activities officer to make sure this is no longer the case.


Mental Health support to counter the impacts of Covid: It doesn't take a genius to note that Covid has had quite a detrimental impact upon most people’s mental health. As there is a return to normality, there is a fear that once our services return to in person sessions, they will be overwhelmed. To prepare for this:

-I will work with the university to ensure seminars and lectures are still accessible online for those who are not comfortable with in person teaching.

-Implementation of an anonymous online messaging service that provides immediate direction on where to find personal advice and help.


I hope my statement highlights what, and why, I am so passionate about this role. If you would like to chat with me about my ideas, or if you do have any questions please head to my social media accounts:

Instagram: @luubrittforwellbeing

Facebook: Britt4WellBeing


Further information can be found by following this link.