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Roxana Caia

Aim higher, vote Caia!

Hi everyone, I’m Roxana, a PGT International Communication student from Bucharest, Romania. You might know me from my role as the School Rep for Media & Communication, or as one of the newly-appointed AHC Faculty Employability student representatives!

With +3 years of experience in representation to back me up (as well as my personal experience moving to the UK at age 19), I have the work ethic, know-how, vision & passion to ensure students’ best interests remain at the forefront of University and Union decisions. Informed by your feedback, my priorities are going to be:

  • Peer Mentoring for All Students: Allocating every incoming student a peer mentor to show them the ropes and help them settle into life as a student in Leeds; this will stimulate social integration and feelings of belonging, as well as provide wellbeing support by signposting to appropriate resources.
  • Employability Opportunities & Support: Re-designing career fairs to offer more varied career advice & opportunities; creating tailored job/internship alerts that match students’ specific skillsets; establishing networking opportunities with local businesses to alleviate students’ fears about finding graduate jobs in the post-Brexit, post-Covid climate.
  • Housing Platform: Implementing a student-led housing platform to empower incoming students to take control of how they navigate landlords, letting companies and better support them choose an accommodation that works for their specific needs.
  • Language Centre support: Re-structuring pre- & in-sessional programs to help students overcome their lack of confidence about their conversation skills by introducing new opportunities to boost their English & reach their full potential while at university.

Driven by the ambition to use my platform in order to further enact real, impactful changes for my peers, I have been involved with student representation ever since I moved to the UK in 2017.  As an undergrad at Newcastle University, I started as the Student-Staff Committee Secretary, then became the Chair, as well as a peer mentor, ultimately being appointed School Rep, both as an undergrad and now, as a PGT student. Some of my proudest achievements include:

  • Covid-19 Crisis Comms: Worked with the Head of School & Department Leaders to implement immediate policies, such as the Safety Net, to prevent students’ grades and graduation prospects from being disrupted. [Regarding this, the Media Department Leader emailed me saying “You are doing an incredible job of representing your peers in the most considerate, calm, and respectful manner.”]
  • Assessment bunching: Collaborated with the Education Officer to lobby against overlapping deadlines, thus standing up for students with disabilities, carers, or those who need to work part-time to finance their studies. Our motion was overwhelmingly voted in favour of by both Student Council & the University.
  • AHC Employability Rep: Gaining a unique & specialist perspective into students’ needs and concerns regarding employability, with the opportunity to already start work towards improving available career services.

Compassionate, driven, proactive, for the people. Aim higher, vote Caia!

Find out more details about my agenda and keep up to date with the campaign by following me on Instagram @bettervoteroxana and Facebook @bettervoteroxana