English Society Committee AGM 2020

It's time to elect your new English society committee for 2020/21! Anyone can run and vote, you just need to be a member. The roles are: President, Secretary, Treasurer, Social Sec x2, Trip Sec x2, Publicity and Marketing Sec, Social Media Sec, Equality and Diversity Sec, Netball Captain and Football Captain. You can run for more than one position but please email en17cgm@leeds.ac.uk to let us know your order of preference. Nominations can be made 16th March - 25th March and voting takes place 26th - 31th March.

The polls have closed.

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President - You'll be in charge of the whole operation, coordinating events, the committee itself, creating weekly meetings and designating jobs to the team.
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Secretary - The President's right-hand, you have to take notes at meetings, aid organisation of events as well as assisting in chairing meetings.
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Treasurer - You're in charge of the money. Taking stock of our finances, making sure the events we host are in budget, processing requests for funding for events, reimbursing committee spending and trying to get us to make a profit by the end of the year.
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Equality and Diversity Sec

Equality and Diversity Secretary- Encourage and support diversity throughout the society, as well as liaising with the school of English. This role is also in charge of English tea, meaning preparing and setting time aside for it every week. The E&D sec is also in charge of our charity work.
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Publicity Sec

Publicity and Marketing Secretary - Responsible for the Sunday email to inform the student body of upcoming events and recap the week behind us. This role also now includes marketing and advertising the society, organising sponsorship deals and merchandise as well as overseeing and maximising society sales (your LinkedIn will love this one).
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Social Media Secretary

Social Media Secretary - Whilst making event pages, tweeting and sometimes using Instagram, you are also the students' first port of call in the society, answering all queries online and you must also handle all payments for tickets to events via PayPal. Knowledge of memes encouraged.
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Trip Sec (2 places)

Trip Secretary (X2)- Completely responsible for organising two international trips and two local trips each year. This is done through independent organisation and through travel/tour companies like Invasion.
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Social Secretary (2 places)

Social Secretary (X2) - It's up to the two of you who will be elected to make our socials the most fun they possibly can be. You'll be thinking of themes, booking venues, hiring DJs/bands, talking to clubs and getting us all the discounts you can.
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Female Sports Sec

Netball Captain - In charge of running the English society netball team, which means one training session and one match per week as well as organising socials for the team. This role works closely with the boy's football secretary. (Experience of being on the team is necessary for this role)
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Sports Captain (Football)

Football Captain - In charge of running the English society football team, which means one training session and one match per week as well as organising socials for the team. This role works closely with the girl's netball secretary.
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