Copy of Wilderness Medicine AGM 2020

Calling all Wildlings! Another year, another committee. That's right folks, the time has come for us oldies to hand over responsibility to you spring chickens. Which committee positions are up for grabs? PRESIDENT: The boss. Organises meetings and oversees the running of the club. VICE PRESIDENT: Assists president in their duties. Keeps all the club documents up to date. TREASURER: In charge of the budget, applying for grants and working out trip subsidies. TRIP SEC: Helps organise club trips including transport and accommodation. SOCIAL SEC: Organises socials for the club and is in charge of club social media. In reality, everyone helps each other out though so you'll never be on your own. Everyone gets to make fun scenarios for our events, and you'll get a handover from the old committee to help you out. You don't have to be a medic to apply! What do I have to do? It's super easy! All you have to do is use this website to nominate yourself for a position - you have 2 weeks, so get to it! It's a great chance to get inventive, learn medicine you won't learn ordinarily on the curriculum and it's good on a CV. SO GET INVOLVED!!! �?�?Wilderness Love�?�?

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