Leeds Entrepreneurs AGM

AGM for next year's Leeds Entrepreneurs committee. We are proud to announce the following executive roles. - President - Secretary - Treasurer - Vice-President Along with these roles we are also looking for a - Events Lead - Marketing Lead - Creative Lead - If you think there might be a role which you would fill that has not been stated here. We would love to hear from you. More information will be available on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Alternatively, email us leedsentrepreneurs@outlook.com for more information.

The polls are open and will close at 00:00 on Sunday 31 May 2020 (in 4 days and 6 hours)

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Creative Lead (3 places)

Creative individual with the ability to think outside the box. Push for innovative ideas and projects. It would be desirable for someone who has digital graphics skills such as using Adobe or Canva. However, not essential. Responsible for: Challenging the team with innovative ideas. Production of graphic for events and social media. Working alongside the Marketing Lead and assisting with the branding and strategy.
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Events Coordinator

The key candidate would be an organiser, planner and publiciser of events. They will liaise with the Marketing and Creative Leads and encourage participation in the events. Responsible for: Organising social events for members. Helping organise Freshers week in liaising with the rest of the committee. Booking of rooms and venues for events. Liaising with the Treasurer for the budgeting of events.
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Head of Marketing

Manager of the strategic direction, branding and messaging of the society in alignment with the team’s mission and operations Responsible for: Coordinating recruitment efforts during Freshers Events. Working alongside the design lead in the production of materials. Establishing the team’s presence and enhancing its image on Campus. Social media management (e.g. Facebook and Instagram). Production of emails and communications to members.
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The lead communicator, manager and supporter of the Leeds entrepreneur's committee, responsible for the overall success of the team. Responsible for: Setting and implementing the society’s vision and mission statement. Mentoring and motivating other committee members. Building networks within the university and wider community.
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Lead administrator and organiser. A versatile member who supports the president and the team wherever needed. Responsible for: Organising meetings and writings up meeting minutes Communicating with the team over the progress of tasks Networking with other societies, building collaborations with external audiences.
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The treasurer will take charge of the society's finances budgeting for different events and activities. Responsible for: Producing a termly report and yearly budget. Be able to budget sensibly and set realistic targets. Able to spot potential fundraising opportunities.
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Communicating and assisting the president in the running of society. Able to take charge if the President is not available. Responsible for: Day to day running of the committee. Maintaining membership records. Producing agenda documents for meetings with the President. Supporting other Committee members in their activities.
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