ESN Leeds (Erasmus and International Students Exchange Society) – AGM

Dear potential applicant, Thank you very much for your interest in applying for a position at the committee of our Erasmus Society (ESN Leeds). Very shortly, we would like to inform you that our society is part of a panEuropean network called Erasmus Student Network (ESN) and it is not a simple Erasmus Society of the local Students Union.

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Event Manager

The Events Manager is responsible for developing an events strategy for Semester 1 and 2, working with the members of the Events Committee. The Events Manager will have ultimate responsibility for the Events Committee, and will be the main point of contact between the President and the Events Committee Members. The Events Manager MUST commit to attending all events. They will be responsible for overseeing the running of each event, which will be carried out by the Events Committee Members.
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The President is the public face of the society, and has the position of ultimate responsibility. He/she is responsible for overseeing all the society’s activities, and making an overall strategy for the year with appropriate goals and targets. He/she is also responsible for any other tasks that do not come under the jurisdiction of other board or committee members, implementing ESN national projects and has direct representation of the society to ESN UK. This role has an extensive remit, and th
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The Secretary is responsible for the section’s official communications, records and logistics. Responsibilities: Scheduling Meetings & Minute-Taking. Monitoring attendance where necessary. Acting as University of Leeds Local Representative; Skype sessions with ESN UK board, Engaging with international topics and ensuring deadlines are met e.g. section fees, NP fees, Training the committee and future committee on the foundations of ESN, keeping up to date with developments at
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The Treasurer is the financial officer for the organisation and is responsible for seeking out and securing strategic partnerships with the ESN Membership Card and sponsorship.
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The Vice President is responsible for all of the society’s internal organisation and functions. He/she is the right hand of the President. The Vice President is the main point of communication for any of the board and committee members.
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