Debating AGM (May 2020)

These are the elections for the 2020/2021 committee, please note you must be a (free) member of Leeds Debating Union to stand and vote in these elections

Nominations close at 12:00 on Monday 1 June 2020 (in 5 days and 18 hours)

Only the posts you are eligible to stand or vote for are shown. Show all posts.


The President is responsible for the overall running of the committee. This person needs to be organised and responsible able to lead a team as well as run meetings. The President is not necessarily the person who is best at debating
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The Vice President supports The President and also helps with the general running of the society.
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The Secretary is responsible for room bookings and organising committee meetings. They also handle a lot of the interactions we have with the union. This role is suited for someone who is well organised and motivated.
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The Treasurer oversees the finances of the society, ensuring that competition fees and other expenses are paid as well as being responsible for membership fees. Society funds are handled through the union, the ideal candidate would ensure that the society has enough money to continue operating
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Competitions Officer

The Competitions Officer is responsible for training members in competitive debating as well as organising sending teams to competitions. Candidates for this role should be familiar with the BP style debating used at competitions. Experience competing is highly desired for this role, however you do not have to be an incredible debater, just able to judge others and pass on core debating concepts. Resources and extra help from the current competitions officer will be provided to whoever is elect
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Events Organiser

This is a new role for next year. This committee member is responsible for organising various events throughout the year e.g public debates, as well as collaborations with other societies e.g our political party debate.
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Social Media Coordinator

The Social Media Coordinator handles the societies presence on social media ensuring that people can easily access information about the society, this also includes maintaining the societies union webpage.
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Social Secretary

The Social Secretary is responsible for organising social events throughout the year such as Otley runs and Christmas meals.
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