LUU LGBT+ Soc EGM 2020

Welcome to the LGBT+ Societies EGM! We have four positions available for you to stand, including Communications, Equality & Diversity, Men's Welfare and Political & Campaigning. Descriptions of the roles are also available, to give you a better idea of what they entail! Check our Instagram and Facebook for a detailed post on how to stand, including tips on how to write a manifesto! A text-based version is linked below.

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Shares information regarding all aspects of the Society activities to Members whilst overseeing content, design and marketing of the Society. This includes ensuring that internally produced/externally sourced publications are accessible to all Members. There is also a responsibility for publicising and promoting events and the Society to Society and LUU members. The Communications officer also works closely with the core officers to organise and respond to the Societies’ emails.
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Equality & Diversity

Supports Core Officers to ensure that the Club/Society is taking steps to diversify its membership, aiming for the demographic of Full Members to reflect that of all students registered at the University of Leeds. The Equality and Diversity Officer should assist with the recruitment of minority group members. This includes advising the Committee about the possible impact of activities from an equality and inclusion perspective.
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Men's Welfare

Holds responsibility for the welfare of all members of the society who identify as men. Advises committee on possible impact of organised activities on men in the society and raising awareness of the issues them. Whilst hosting welfare hours, the officer will be working to improve the experience of men within the Society. Alongside other welfare officers, the Men’s Welfare Officer helps provide sexual health information for all Members of the Society.
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Political and Campaigning Officer

Is a separate body from the rest of the committee and distinguishes their goals from the society’s main focus regarding welfare of the society members. Organises fundraising events, protests/campaigns etc. and takes part in day-to-day activism relating LGBT+ issues. If needed, can recruit short term or long term volunteers (for no longer than a period of 12 months) to help with their mission or project.
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