Activities Exec Re-election 2021

The Activities Exec work together to make sure all clubs and societies are represented fairly and have equal access to resources. They also consult you and speak on your behalf when key decisions are being made at the Better Union Forum, lead your category meetings and allocate grant funding to our groups. They are elected to ensure that they represent our students and our societies to the Union, University and wider Leeds community.

The polls have closed.

Culture Rep

The Culture Rep engages with all our Culture groups, who represent communities and cultures from around the world. They support the committees to put on showcases, traditional celebrations and much more, as well as encouraging collaborations between the groups.
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Faith Rep

The Faith Rep is responsible for representing our wide range of Faith groups to LUU, and ensuring that their various needs are met and understood. They facilitate collaborations between the groups, for example during Inter-Faith week, and work towards making LUU an inclusive space for all.
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Media Rep

The Media rep represents some of our biggest student groups in LUU, as well as working with smaller societies to ensure they all get equal opportunities in their activities. Working with a broad range of media output gives space for collaborations and creations as exciting as your imagination will allow.
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Outdoor Rep

The Outdoor rep is responsible for all our groups who do outdoor activities, ensuring that their high risk activities are properly supported and assessed. They can also lead on running training for outdoor groups, such as MIDAS training or First Aid training.
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Political & Campaigning Rep

The Political & Campaigning rep facilitates and supports our P&C groups in running campaigns and events. This can cover reacting to time-specific campaigns and political issues, to ongoing movements within the student body.
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Sports Rep

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