Dec 2018 Referendum

Should LUU support a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal? - The case For

The Union should support a People’s Vote because...

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Democracy did not end on 23rd June 2016:

A common argument against a People’s Vote is that it would undermine democracy. Since 2016, we’ve learnt more about what Brexit might look like and the promises which people voted for, can’t be kept. A People’s Vote doesn’t undermine democracy, as it would allow people to vote Leave again, but importantly allow people to change their minds with a more informed view, if they wanted to.

It could be argued this enhances democracy instead. 

A recent YouGov poll showed that 81% of young people across the country would support a People’s Vote.


Why should LUU get involved with political issues? 

When an issue has an impact on Leeds students’ lives, LUU has a role to play to ensure their interests are protected. In this case, it could be protecting the rights of the 2000+ EU students here, rights of students to study abroad across Europe, or making sure research funding keeps coming to Leeds.

In the past, we've campaigned to Remain in 2016, campaigned agaisnt Junior Doctors' contract changes, and agaisnt the use of fossil fuels.


Brexit goes further than our usual party politics - people in every party have a different view! Supporting a People’s Vote, gives every student a choice, whether that be to leave, take the deal or remain. LUU should back the campaign, as it will make sure students have an informed say about their future, whichever way they want to vote. 

By voting Yes, we would ramp up the pressure after the vote in Parliament on December 11th. This could be lobbying local MPs, writing articles, doing press appearances, or organising Q&As with campaigners.

This would not take up much resource or time, but allows LUU to join the movement of thousands of students and over 50 students’ unions across the UK leading calls for a People’s Vote to protect students’ interests.

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