If the panel at one of the Better Forums can't decide on an idea, we use a referendum to ask the whole student body what they think. A referendum needs 1,500 of our members to vote on it for the result to count, and a simple majority to pass or fall. Get in touch with our Political Engagement Team – LUU.PET@leeds.ac.uk – to find out more


To vote you need to be logged in using your student username/email address - you can log in using the 'Student Login' in the top right or by clicking the 'Menu' button on Mobile. You can also visit voting.luu.org.uk/login/

Orienteering and Fell Running Constitutional Amend

Removal of Honorary President role

The Honorary President role is to be removed from the constitution. In the event of the President leaving, a new President will be elected.

Add an Events Secretary role

An Events Secretary will be added as an additional committee member.

There roles will be to:

- Plan events calendar

- Advertise events and entries to members

- Liaise with race organisers where required

- Organise transport to events where required

- Support committee with day-to-day work

Judo Society Constitutional Amendment 2020

Constitutional Amendments

"When I inherited the paperwork for the club, I checked the documents and our constitution was a bit messy and inconsistent. I went through and tidied it up, sorting out grammatical errors, numbering errors and inconsistencies in the layout. These changes will give us a cleaner, easier-to-read constitution."



Dodgeball Referendum 2020

Do you want to reduce the number of social secretaries from four, to two?

Do you want to remove the publicity secretary role, and add it to the job of the social media secretaries?

Uni Boob Team Referendum 2020

Should we create the role of Social Secretary?

  • Social Secretary, whose responsibilities would include organising fun and engaging social events for society members, such as drinks and food out, brunch and coffee meet ups, film nights, attending pub quizzes together, escape room challenges, and much more. The role would also include organising collaborative social events with other societies at the University. We would love to meet up more regularly as a society and feel this committee role would be vital to achieve this.

Should we create the role of Equality and Diversity Officer?

  • Equality and diversity officer, whose responsibilities would include ensuring we are an inclusive society, that are events are inclusive and accessible to all, and to organise collaborated events with a range of diverse societies at the University such as LGBT+, QTIPOC, Sign Language, and many others. It is especially important to expand the message of CoppaFeel! to a diverse audience as there are socioeconomic inequalities in breast cancer cases in the UK.

Ice Hockey Constitutional Amendment

Should the Ice Hockey Society add the position of Vice President to their committee?