If the panel at one of the Better Forums can't decide on an idea, we use a referendum to ask the whole student body what they think. A referendum needs 1,500 of our members to vote on it for the result to count, and a simple majority to pass or fall. Get in touch with our Political Engagement Team – LUU.PET@leeds.ac.uk – to find out more


To vote you need to be logged in using your student username/email address - you can log in using the 'Student Login' in the top right or by clicking the 'Menu' button on Mobile. You can also visit voting.luu.org.uk/login/

Korean Socety Referendum

Should we add Sports Director to our committee?

Should we add Social Media Manager to our committee?

Open Theatre Constitutional Ammendments 2020

Do you agree with the constitutional ammendments highlighted in the attached document?


5.5 - 5.5.5b entitled Edinburgh Fringe
slight addition to 3.6.a.3

Repeat: Horse Riding Constitutional Amendment

Should we add the role of International Secretary to the committee?

Should the Horse Riding Society add the role of International Secretary to the committee?

British Born Chinese Society referendum 2020

Should we change the name of our society to British Chinese Society (BCS)?

Korean Society Constitutional Amendments 2020

Shall we create the role of Sports Director?

Shall we create the role of Social Media Manager?